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…choose between different Server types, which translates to differing levels of control, security and the overall manageability, that suits your enterprise.

We offer Virtual Private Server (VPS), Website and Dedicated Server hosting services. Our range of hosting services allow you to choose between different Server types, which translates to differing levels of control, security and the overall manageability, that suits your enterprise. All of our server offerings are fully automated and customer self-serviced.

VPS Hosting

Why choose a VPS solution?

Secure hosting environment

Guaranteed / dedicated resources

Scalable RAM, storage, and transfer
High performance and stability of your websites and applications

Flexible client manageability and control of servers

Host websites, applications, VPNs, backup your data and much more

What are the benefits of VPS Hosting with Air Link?

Minimal Regulatory Requirements

International subscribers to our service will be subjected to minimal regulatory requirements as compared to subscribing for similar VPS services in many other countries and regions like North America and Europe.


Air Link’s VPS solutions are an excellent option for creating redundant website and application servers for international clients who already benefit from primary servers.

Geographic Location

Servers are hosted on the island of Trinidad and Tobago in a facility located in a geographical zone that is less prone to experiencing natural disasters as compared to other islands and even some first world locations.

Minimized Possibility of Downtime

Local clients’ websites and applications hosted on Air Link’s VPS platform will not suffer downtime caused by sub-sea fiber breaks.

Flexible Subscriptions

Subscription fees can be paid yearly, or monthly, if clients do not wish to commit to long term contracts.

Competitive Pricing

We are the most competitively priced Hosting provider in the English speaking Caribbean backed by a robust 24/7/365 support network.


A VPS or Virtual Private Server, is a server that runs virtualization software on top of its OS to create the illusion that multiple servers are running, each with its own dedicated resources such as CPU power, RAM, bandwidth and disk space. Each virtual ‘partition’ created is called an Instance and each Instance appears (virtually) as a dedicated server.

VPS hosting allows for a client to rent and use one of these Instances to host a website or other application as they see fit. Each Instance comes with its own dedicated resources according to the client’s package of choice which is then allocated to the client’s account.

Yes, VPS Hosting is more secure than Shared Hosting.

There is a common hosting method called Shared Hosting whereby a single server can host hundreds or thousands of websites or applications that are likely run independently by different clients. All clients use the same resources and if any client doesn’t have effective security options installed it is possible that hackers, viruses and malware can infiltrate a site or application which can affect and move to other sites or applications in the vicinity of the originally compromised one.

With VPS hosting such security issues that exist with Shared Hosting do not arise since each Instance behaves like a dedicated server. Due to hard division between VPS instances it is extremely difficult for hackers, viruses and malware to move from one VPS to another this means that VPS instances are truly private. So with VPS hosting you can be assured that your website or application is secure from our end and you can still install your own security measures as desired.

As explained previously, with Shared Hosting, all hosted accounts share the server’s resources but sometimes a hosted website or application can overstep its allowed resource allocation, for example, resulting from a sudden spike of traffic to a website or application and this can leave other clients’ websites or applications starved for resources causing them to slow down or even crash altogether.

With VPS Hosting, since each Instance has its own allocated resources that are never shared, and hence cannot be used by another Instance, a client’s website or application benefits from full resource allocation at all times according to the client’s chosen package.

As a result, VPS Hosting is far more superior than Shared Hosting when it comes to security, stability and performance.

Yes, VPS solutions offer clients root level access which means that you are in total control of your VPS and you can configure, manage and send commands on your hosted server.

All of our VPS plans allow you to choose between eight different flavours of Linux servers, while our Advanced, Power and Power Plus package also gives you the option to choose from various Windows server

If your transfer reaches its limit as stated in your VPS plan, don’t worry you will be allowed to use as much extra Transfer as you need for your hosted application but you will be billed at a cost of $5 USD per TB regardless of how much extra you have used. For example, as long as your excess usage is less than or equal to 1TB you will be billed an extra $5 USD. If your excess Transfer is over 1TB but less than or equal to 2TB you will be billed an extra $10 USD and so on.

No. Sorry, our plans can be upgraded but not downgraded. You can, however, lease public IPV4 address per billing cycle (monthly or yearly) as you desire and remove them whenever you wish and revert to your base package.

Yes you can. If you do not lease a public IPv4 address from us you can still access your VPS through the customer portal. You must bear in mind, however, that some applications require a dedicated public IPV4 address and this you should clarify with your application provider before ordering a plan from us.

If your application requires a public IPv4 address you can lease one from us at the cost of $5 USD per month – during the order process, just go to the ‘Configurable Options’ in the check out section and select how many IPV4 addresses you need and you will be billed accordingly.

You can manage your VPS through our customer portal as well as through the industry standard, Linux-based, cPanel dashboard at no extra cost.

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