In 2022, Air Link Communications Limited was the proud recipient of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s (TTCIC) prestigious Business Technology Award. This award is aligned to one of the fastest growing business sectors in Trinidad and Tobago. Due to its boundaryless nature, technology enables local companies to have a presence and be competitive on the world stage.

Technology’s revolutionary impact on industries continues to change every day and the award recognises the significant transformational role that it plays for success in business.

The Business Technology award celebrates a technology- based company or an individual that has created or provided innovative technological solutions for new and existing market needs and we at Air Link are thankful and humbled to have received this honour.

ANSI/TIA-942-B-2017, Rated 3 Certification

In August of 2022 we obtained the prestigious ANSI/TIA-942-B-2017, Rated-3 Certification. Acquiring this certification, put simply, means that we have demonstrated that our facility is at a very low risk of ever going offline due to robust and redundant systems for Power, Cooling, Interconnectivity and more.

We are an Internet Exchange Point

Digital spaceIn 2017, Air Link became one of two TTIX (Trinidad and Tobago Internet Exchange) points in Trinidad and Tobago having a 10G capacity and facilitates the flow of Internet traffic between providers at our facility, cutting out the need for certain Internet packets to travel to Miami and back hence greatly reducing latency.

For details on the TTIX please visit the following link: Trinidad and Tobago Internet Exchange

Presence at Equinix MI1 Facility

Equinix logoIn 2015, we secured a presence at Equinix’s prestigious ‘MI1’ facility under the NAP of the Americas at Miami, Florida USA which serves to compliment and support our Data Center services.

For details on the the facility please visit the following link: Equinix MI1 Facility