Corporate Social Responsibility

At Air Link DC1, we are committed to the Community and the Environment – two core pillars of all modern societies. We wouldn’t exist today without these two integral pillars and we will do our best to ensure that both are taken care of simultaneously. Healthy Communities spur great individuals, great individuals inspire Communities and both individuals and Communities are  needed to conserve and preserve the Environment for future generations.  Climate Change is the greatest existential threat facing mankind today and battling it is at the forefront of many data centers around the world as they attempt to streamline their power usage thereby reducing their carbon emissions. We at Air Link, have also pledged to reduce our carbon footprint by implementing various measures and technologies throughout our operations.

Sponsored 50+ Students

for Online Computer Literacy Course
Ages 10 – 55


Providing 20+ Schools

FREE INTERNET SERVICE (within our network) Additionally, Air Link also participates in TTWiFi, an initiative of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to provide free Wi-Fi access to the public,

15+ Community Entities FREE INTERNET & TV SERVICE

Community Centres, Police & Fire Stations, Public Libraries (within our network)

Donated over 3,500 Seedlings

to the ‘SURE Foundation’ as part of their decarbonization strategy which were distributed to residents of Princes Town and environs.

$150,000+ In Community Relief

+ Provided flood relief to over 100 residents via supply hampers
+ Reduction of billing for families severely affected by the pandemic
+ School supplies for underprivileged children in the community
+ Collaborated with local company and provided repairs to PC, Laptops & Tablets throughout the Community

Free Wi-fi Initiative at Moruga Beach Facility

@airlinktt Some highlights from the 360 GlamCam at the Launch of our Air Link One Community Free Wi-fi Initiative #airlinktt #business #internet #fyp #onecommunity #isupportlocal #moruga #launch ♬ Happy lightly perky - SOUND BANK

Planting of Moringa (aka Saijan) plants

We have planted 50 moringa plants around the Air Link Campus. A mature moringa tree absorbs more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than any other known plant in the region. A mature plant absorbs as much as 80 kg of carbon per year (4 Tonnes of carbon to be drawn from the atmosphere every year).

Planting of Vetiver grass

The Vetiver grass is used across the globe for land stabilization and the creation of highly fragrant perfumes. The grass has an extremely long root system – the root can grow to a depth of 20 feet providing the soil conditions are right. This long root system absorbs carbon deep into the earth and traps it there. One mature plant can absorb around 1kg or carbon.  To date, we have planted 3000 Moringa plants around the Air Link Campus.

PUE Reduction

The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is an important and widely adopted metric in the data center industry used to gauge how efficiently a data center is using power. We are actively attempting to streamline our power usage to reduce our PUE at Air Link DC1.

LED Adoption

All lights used in the computer room of the data center are LEDs, which uses less power and generates no heat when compared to the traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs hence reducing our overall power usage. Less cooling power is also required for the room since no heat is generated by the bulbs.

Green Procurement

All products possess a life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to disposal after use. It is important that human capital work under universally acceptable conditions with minimal exposure to harmful chemicals and other substances while their rights are preserved. It is just as important that the Environment, which includes our natural surroundings and other lifeforms, are secured and unharmed during all stages of a product’s life cycle. Air Link Communications has started engaging with companies and suppliers requesting that their products conform to international benchmarks for human labour, proper treatment of the Environment and green, energy efficient and sustainable standards and certifications. Our aim is to seek only green, sustainable and environmentally certified products in the future.

Air Conditioning

All decommissioned air conditioning units will be replaced by energy efficient, inverter type units which save 30-60% power as compared to traditional units of the same rated capacity. We will strive to install units that utilize environmentally friendly refrigerants that have a low Global Warming Potential.

Electric Vehicles

Our current vehicle fleet uses fossil fuels which contribute to climate change as both diesel and gasoline emit a significant amount of carbon dioxide when they combust. It is our plan to convert our entire fleet of vehicles into an electric one within the next 5 years. Natural gas is used to generate 99% of the grid electricity here in Trinidad at this time but it emits a much smaller amount of carbon dioxide when compared to other fossil fuels so even if the vehicles are charged from the national power grid, the carbon emissions from the fleet will be greatly reduced.