Video Streaming

Our Video Streaming Services

One of our core video streaming services utilizes the Virtual Headend at our Data Center which allows us to bring in TV channel streams through cable, or our wide range of  accessible satellites, convert it to a viewable format and send it to Independent Television Stations and Direct to Home Service Providers (i.e. cable TV companies).

Another core video service that we offer is Stream Acquisition and Transport. We can take a video stream from any studio or facility, change its format if necessary and transport it to any location in the world so that it is viewable on your customers’ devices – this can be done with both regional and international streams. Providers currently utilize our video transport service for content acquisition and distribution to their subscribers or customer base.



We save you the upfront, exorbitant infrastructure costs, as well as the headaches associated with the many processes involved in video Acquisition and Transport. Setting up the infrastructure required for video Acquisition and Transport is a very expensive undertaking - we handle these aspects, you just have to receive and distribute the video streams.

We manage all aspects of the video Acquisition and Transport (except IPR) service and bring it to you - so you just need to concentrate on your core business.

Our highly qualified technical team monitors and manages the video feeds 24/7/365 and hence
support is always available and responses are provided, in real time, if any problems arise. For
current status of our services please visit:

NO. Air Link takes no responsibility for acquiring intellectual property rights for video content for any customer, this is solely the responsibility of the customer who must negotiate and acquire rights directly with the property rights owner; we merely transport the signals from the
point of origin to your agreed point of delivery

No you don’t have to request a minimum number of channels or streams to apply for our video transport service. We can transport from one, to hundreds of channels or streams, from any location in the world to your required delivery location.

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