Data Center and Colocation

Air Link Networks’ Data Center and Colocation Facility

Air Link Networks’ Data Center is also a Colocation Facility that is Carrier Neutral and ANSI/TIA-942-B Rated 3 Certified.  When you house your equipment with us through our Colocation service, you will have one less thing to worry about - we will ensure your equipment is amply cooled, powered and connected so that your business or enterprise continues to operate 24/7/365.


A Data Center is a facility that houses all the necessary gear and runs the services needed to operate ICT or cloud based applications and services that other enterprises may not find economically feasible to host themselves but which they need to access and use for their ICT operations. The equipment needed, at a minimum, must allow for the supply of redundant power, cooling and internet connectivity for the facility's compute and storage services.

The equipment needed, broadly speaking, fall into three categories: computing, storage and networking and includes hardware such as RAM, CPUs, storage drives, routers, switches etc. All of these components work together to provide Data Center services for clients. Data Centers usually employ other auxiliary, but critically necessary equipment for securing the facility, cooling the equipment, providing power (utility fed and backup generators) and fire detection and suppression at a minimum.

A Colocation is a Data Center facility that also rents racks, or rack space, to other enterprises so that they can house and run their equipment. Enterprises can greatly benefit from this arrangement since they don’t have to invest in their own costly buildings and telecom infrastructure.

Depending on the arrangement, the Data Center staff can aid in managing and rectifying any issues that arise with the company’s housed equipment if necessary or you can have your own personnel to do the same.

No there is no limit. You are in control of your racks at the Colocation Facility and hence you can add more equipment to them if there is existing space or you can rent more racks or rack space if your enterprise’s needs grow in the future, or as you see fit - that’s all up to you.

A Carrier Neutral Data Center allows for connectivity and cross connection between multiple telecommunication providers (or carriers) and Colocation Facilities. Such a Data Center gives clients the freedom to choose their provider and will offer measures of redundancy as opposed to a Data Center that is connected to a single provider in which case service prices can be high since there is no competition and redundancy can be limited or non-existent altogether.

Our competent technical team monitors and manages the Data Center 24/7/365 and hence support is always available and responses are provided, in real time, if any problems arise. For current status of our services please visit:

Data center specs

Facility Size 1500 sq. ft.
Deployments Full and partial cabinets
Power Availability 120 kW Maximum Capacity (AC @110 or 230V)
Peering Exchanges We are an Internet Exchange Point (TTIX-2) (
Diversity 2 diverse point of entries
Uplinks 100M, 1G, 10G ports
Carrier Availability Airlink, Cable & Wireless, Digicel, Amplia
Cross Connects Fiber, copper and coaxial
Access 2 point proximity access control
Cameras Multiple perimeter and room IP cameras with DVR
Utilities Diverse utility feeds
Generators 2N redundancy
Operations 24/7/365
Uptime 99.9%
Fuel Storage 300 Gallons
Water Storage 10000 Gallons
UPS 2N + 1
Mechanical 2N redundancy
BMS controls Falcon business
Floor Loading 200lbs/sq ft
Clear Height 10 ft (raised)
Hardened Exterior Bomb shelter design
Electrical Multiple Symmetra UPS systems
Life Safety Novec 1230 fire suppression system
Mechanical Hot/cold aisle configuration
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